Vehicle Storage

This storage space is ideal for vehicle storage. If you wish to use this space for a different purpose or have a large vehicle, please contact the store prior to reserving. 


Commonly used to store a small number of household items. 

Quarter Garage

Commonly used to store the contents of a studio apartment or small office space. 

Half Garage

Commonly used to store contents equivalent to 1-2 bedroom home. 

Three Quarter Garage

Commonly used to store contents equivalent to 2-3 bedroom home. 

Single Garage

Commonly used to store contents equivalent to 3-4 bedroom home. 


A fumigation/cleaning fee may apply. Discounted prices may last for a period defined by the store. Minimum of one month's storage fees. Terms & Conditions can be found in-store.


Can't find the size you are looking for? We can help you.

Please phone the store direct and we will find you a suitable solution.

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